Deciding for our Fate

Life is unfair if you don’t have wisdom to understand it. David hase tried to do anything to change, but it was all in vain until he decided to take leave from his job and go on vacation somewhere far from his home. A lawyer by profession David decided to look for relieve.

Exhausted, with back paining and his nerves frayed, he arrived in a foreign country. Although things were looking different and new, David was perplexed now in this country with a small population and very quite and people were looking more friendly than back home. The only problem was the communication between him and some of the citizens of his new destination. Where he was, people only spoke strange languages he never heard ever before.

But one day when he was walking along the beach he met an old man. The old man looked at him as if they have ever met before, and he called David and asked him to take a walk with him. And the old man told David that he has there for almost 10 years and never wanted to go back to his home back in America. David thought to himself,that perhaps this old man was also experiencing the same problem back home, as he was.

David has been a lawyer for almost 18 years, but he never found happiness in his life, many thought he was leaving a good life, since he had anything that everybody need to be happy, but David was leaving in wonder and stress. He never knew what to do without looking in his inner soul and find what was right and wrong. The drums of time have rolled and ceased, David needed something to find himself and go out of the mind prison he was in for long.

The old man after hearing David part of the story,  told David that life was not just a moment thing and one needs to open up their arms to change but not give up on their values. And that it was wise to make decision if we know where we are heading to.

And the old man told David that he was a very successful business man, but he wanted to pursue happiness and he only thought of coming to Namibia (their new destination) to look for a new way of pursuing happiness. The old as old as the hills, was maybe on his 90’s, but David saw courage on this old man. David thought he was as useless as a chocolate teapot, but after meeting this old man, he was now seeing a new different picture of himself. The world is a stage and this was now time for him to move to the next stage of life.The old man was a walking dictionary for he answered any question David asked.

And it was after this trip that David  decided not to be a lawyer anymore, but a motivational speaker for he found out that many people are far from the greatest treasure of life which is knowledge. And he encouraged many of those he teaches, and or motivate to take good and wise decision, especially  when they were lifetime decision.


One thought on “Deciding for our Fate

  1. i think you wanted to say fate not fade, look in the dictionary. You really need to work on your english spellings, tenses etc

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