Our future not Secured

Although it can be concluded that there has been many positive achievements since Independence regarding the development of Namibian youth. At the same time, since the youth of any society are key to the future, and are determining, decisive factor between successes and failure, continued efforts are to be outlined.

Today youth are popularly referred to as beacon of hope and the leader of the future, and young people are perceived to be the sources of energy for renewal and change.

This is a different thing in our country Namibia, one day when I was walking around the outskirt of our capital city just to get a hind on how people lives there. I was totally surprise and on my wit end seeing that many of our young friends out there are swimming in the sea of uncertainty. And it seems like their problems are left high and dry. It is such a heart breaking thing in a country which close to 60% of its population are young people, yet they are left to suffer on their own.

Feeling blue and lonely I took a walk with one young girl from this surrounding, just to see how he feels living in this condition, and when I asked him what he was doing for a living he told me, the only way to leave is to zula (being a gangster) and he was from a well known local gangster group known as BBM.

All this after we hear our leaders always preaching about youth develop or empowerment. This guy told me he wanted to pursue his study, but there is no money home and the only way to take care of himself was to be involved into gangster. Sadly he told me he had no place to call home and he sleep were ever sun sets, and there was no stable meal, only depends on what you get from whoever passing by or when take a bull by its horn and grab people’s items.

Is a sad story for me and many out there, we might be creating a future that we cannot even imagine the likes of, in one way or another. We need top put young people on the right path by equipping them with the inner resources and relational skills they need for shaping this unknown future successfully, is what we can all do.

Yet w might have young motivated  entrepreneurs out there with good businesses ideas, but they don’t have the starting capital to start their businesses. We have graduates all over the country that are unemployed, yet the government or perhaps the private sectors are mute on this.

Something needs to be done as soon as possible because this is time ticking bomb, if not changed soon, we will be in chaos and there will be no good democracy in Namibia.

We  need to make sure that institute of higher learning are giving field of studies of the priorities areas to the country’s development, and we need to be fast with this implementations.


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