Young and determined

George was raised by his father, an arch traditionalist who was convinced that his son will benefit from getting an education.

George experienced rejection from his peers due to his poor socio -economic background and was often bullied. School as a prison for this young man and he went through many obstacles at his school. Although this made him feel blue and lonely sometimes he never gave up on his dream of success.

Only one girl by the name of Selina wanted to talk to him in a school with almost 500 learners, Selina will always look for a way to talk to this young man even if he was feeling bad many at times. She was indeed the gentle breeze that calms him down and the light to his life.

Many things happen to this boy while he was at this combined school, there was a day that some of his classmate out of jealousy went to the school principal and told him that Goerge cheated on the last test they wrote, this was just bad apples excuses yet the principal called the young man to his office and beat him nicely, since this was the punishment for any wrong doing at their school and made him write the test again in his presence. As innocent as a lamb George passed this test with 100 over 100 flying colours though, the principal was not yet convinced by that either and gave him a written warning.

All this was not easy for this young  man at all, when he went to the holiday he wanted to stay back home with his father, for home was better than school although his father was a bit strict. But his father told him there was no way for him to stay at home instead of going back to school. His father after listening to his son’s problems he told him that he was only at school because he send him there to stud and be someone in the future and not to entertain his school mates, or being liked by people who went there with their own goals.

It was now their last term at school when the school principal gathered all the grade 12’s at the school assembly to announce the scholarship the school got from Germany and only one learner was needed. The principal went on the academic records of all learners with the help of one representative from Germany and they found out that the only person eligible for that was the black sheep of the school George and this was a surprise for many people who gathered there even some parents. His father was very proud of him although he never attended any school he knew his son was going somewhere and become a useful person to his community.

After all the humiliation he went through George was never distracted and instead he was encouraged to pursue knowledge. He learned that in order for one to succeed he had to be realistic and not pretentious.


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